How to Get More Patients for Your Dental Practice

Creating successful Facebook Ads for Dentists is one of the ways that we give back to the people behind our confident smiles. 

In the past, people would just go directly to that one dentist who normally serves the entire town. But the way that people search for dentists to consult with has changed. 

Nobody checks the Yellow pages or any other traditional marketing method anymore. Everyone automatically goes on the Internet now to look for help.

And the search can often be quite detailed, with every aspect of the dental practice going through a microscopic lens. This makes online advertising of paramount importance for any dental practice to thrive these days.

Facebook as the Platform of Choice

An online advertising campaign is only as good as the platform it’s running on.

To date, there are several leading platforms for online ads. What makes Facebook the better choice for your dental practice?

Facebook allows you to reach your target audience, i.e. potential patients, on a more personal level.

Sure, everybody goes on Google to look for something.

But they do this mostly when they already know what they’re looking for, such as if they need get dental implants or get a troublesome tooth removed.

A search on Google would show tons of well-placed ads that are optimized for maximum searchability on the search engines — SEO 101!

Facebook Advertising

is the best way to target people who are still unaware that they may require certain dental procedures. In some cases, they know they need to go see a dentist, but are unsure of what procedure to consult for.

Facebook banks on the information gathered from its platform to ensure accurate audience targeting for marketers.

This is a cost-effective way to advertise and you can be sure that you are paying good value for your money.

Ensuring the Success of Facebook Ads for Dentists

The success of a Facebook Ads Campaign is only possible if you set the right Objective on Ads Manager. Even then, there may still be a need to test several ads before finding the holy grail.

Some of the Facebook Ads Objectives that are useful for a dental practice include:

  1. Reach – the ad is shown only to people within the business’ general area or locality.
  2. Engagement – the ad is shown to the more people with the goal of getting them to do some action on the ad such as liking a Facebook page, claim an offer, attend an event, and so on.
  3. Conversion – ads are shown to an audience that’s more than likely to buy something from the website or an app.
  4. Lead generation – this objective allows you to collect information such as email address, name, and any other information that may be relevant to your business and/or to future ad campaigns.
  5. Messages – these ads get people to engage in conversation with businesses thru Facebook Messenger and/or Instagram Direct Messaging. The for these ads is ultimately to sell a product or service online.
  6. Traffic – traffic ads aid to get more people to visit a website or to install or use a certain app.
Facebook Ad for Dentists
Choosing the Campaign Objective is the first step in creating a Facebook Ad

Since the goal of Facebook Ads for Dentists is to gain more patients, then it’s best to create a campaign with the Reach objective.  

The Nitty Gritty

Proper audience targeting is another important factor in the success of an Facebook Ads Campaign. You can start by choosing the right location.

Facebook Ad for Dentists
By cutomizing the location, age range, and gender, you can make sure that the ad shows only to the relevant audience.

The next step is to choose the interests and behaviors of your target audience. 

Facebook Ad for Dentists
Detailed Targeting tells Facebook to show your ads on the timelines of Facebook users who expressed an interest in the chosen topics.

In the image above, people who have expressed an interest on Cosmetic Dentistry would most likely see your ad on their timelines. 

Facebook Ad for Dentists
You also have the option to narrow the audience by excluding various interests and keywords.

Clicking on the Save This Audience button allows you to create a Custom Audience template that you can use in future ads. 

The next thing to do is to set a budget and configure how long the ad would run for. 

Facebook Ad for Dentists

There are cases when the target audience’s interests and behaviors are still unclear. The prudent step here is to run an ad with the Leads objective first. Lead Ads redirect users to a form that they can fill out.

You can configure the form to include some questions that give you a better idea of the audience’s mindset.

Once you’ve gathered enough information thru the Lead Generation Campaign, you can then run a more targeted one geared towards an audience that’s most likely to go in and get something done to their teeth.

The Final Step is to add the Ad Creatives, specifically the image and caption of your Facebook Ad.

Facebook Ad Creatives

Whether it’s on TV or online, an ad has to catch the audience’s interest in the first 3 seconds for it to be considered effective. 

How you present your graphics and captions on your ad defines how people react to it. You always have to aim for the audience to react with interest and curiosity. 

This is why you have to carefully choose the image that you are going to use on the Ad. Pair it up with a thoughtful, well-written caption and you’re all set!

The Image Defines the Ad

Know the right tools to create stunning Ad Images

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The Create Ad option allows you to upload an entirely new image – one that hasn’t been posted on your social media sites before.  

Facebook Ad for Dentists

Choosing the Use Existing Post options gives you the ability to choose from posts that you’ve already uploaded either on your Facebook Page or on your Instagram account. 

If you wish to use an existing post on the ad, it’s best to choose one that’s already getting a lot of attention from your followers. 

Facebook Ad for Dentists

You have to remember that when choosing images to use for your Paid Ads is to keep the text on the image at the barest minimum. You can write as many words as you want on the caption. 

Facebook Ad for Dentists
Image text must be less than 20%

Once you’ve got it all sorted out, click the Continue button to submit your ad for review. 

It normally takes up to 24 hours for Facebook to review the ad. You’ll receive both an email and a notification on Facebook Business Manager once the ad is either accepted or if it requires some changes. 

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a checklist of 10 Easy Steps to help you craft a great and effective Facebook Marketing Campaign.